Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Circus Day Foundation

Circus Harmony Fortissimo

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Circus Day Foundation
Circus Harmony: Fortissimo
A Confluence of Music and Circus Arts
Saturday, November 19,2005
at City Museum / 701 N. 15th St. / St. Louis, MO.
Financial assistance for this project has been provided in part by Dana Brown Charitable Trust, Cirque de Soleil, KETC Channel 9, Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey, Amaren, SBC, American Youth Circus Organization, DCA Family Foundation, City Museum, Cardinals Care, Missouri Arts Council, Everyday Circus, Regional Arts Commission, Citigroup & Circus Day Foundation donors.

Jessica Hentoff, the Artistic / Executive Director says "Fortissimo is a musical term that means loud and strong. Some of the music...is loud and strong. Our youth circus performers are loud and strong, too. There is also a message here that we woule like all to hear loud and strong: Circus Day Foundation is a Social Circus program. That means we use circus arts to spark social change. Through the teaching and performance of circus skills we inspire individuals and connect communities. We believe having children from different neighborhoods stand on each others shoulders, they all stand taller."
Call for education: 314.436.7676 / www.circusday.org /
Call for entertainment: 314.645.4445 / www.everydaycircus.net
Running time: 5:01
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