Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Eric Brende. Author. "Better Off"


Blogger Richard said...

I pretty much agree with his analysis of our current culture, though I, personally, don't blame technology, rather, I blame the way we use it. Very nice interview. Interesting stuff.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Dean said...

I find it hard to blame modern people for using their technology, even a lot. I think that a lot of the reasons for using technology relates to changes in the means of production and the urban lifestyle -- or should I say suburban...

The city-suburban complex of realities forces people into automobiles, as they generally live far from their place of work. In the past, this was not so. But -- with the emergence of the modern city, that was brought on by industrialisation and continued by the post-industrial economy -- opportunities for spending time in 'traditional' ways were reduced by everyday realities.

I'm not saying that the Luddites are simply wrong, but the opportunities for choice have been severaly reduced by commonplaces of modern life. Personally, I spend about 40 minutes each day in the car, listening to orchestral music. I watch each channel's news on TV after returning home from work, then spend about two hours surfing the Net. In the suburb where I live there are few architecturally-poignant buildings to admire, so there's no impulse from that quarter to excercise...

I wonder if ancient peoples would disapprove of our lifestyles. Rather, wouldn't they simply get into the swing of things, too?

3:38 PM  

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