Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ken Worley at Bruno David Gallery--Quicktime

Watch in Quicktime

Running time: 6:20

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Blogger bfelice said...

best one yet, i adored seeing the glimpses of studio workspace during the interview, too.

6:06 AM  
Blogger Dean said...

Great video. I really enjoyed looking at the paintings. It makes my day to see beautiful art up close, especially from so far away, as I am in Sydney. In fact, I wonder if in future you might give a little more attention to the work, with the artist's voice over the top. The work is the main thing, after all. It's nice to have the chance to see it at length and make a judgement on it -- is it good, is it just so-so...

I especially enjoyed hearing Worley thanking you for the opportunity to talk about his work. That tickled me. Cheers.

4:08 AM  

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