Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Watersana launch

This summer I helped my son drive from New Bedford to San Diego. Stephanie and my grand-daughter Liliana were already living near the beach in a newly rented house. But, Brook had one last month to finish his contract as an E.R. doc at St. Luke's Hospital 'back east' before joining them. It was a happy re-union as you can see in the video on this site - dogs and all - as they catch-up on the news after we arrived earlier that morning.

For a long time I have considered the website which I have just launched. There may be some over-lap of content with illusionJunkie as I transition to this new site, but I think it will be well worth your time to check waterSana out. We all know that there are some very important issues these days relating to water, air and forests. For starters, we have depleted 80% of the forests in the world. I think you will see that I have a primary interest in media that tells the story.

I would very much appreciate your visiting:
www.watersana.com and subscribing to the site, if it fits your interests. Please write comments and your suggestions.